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Top 10 Productive Steps to Write Your Book

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Each day comes with several perks, one of them being the widened scope of self-publishing books. Are you a skilled writer who wishes to publish your work but does not want to opt for the traditional publishing method? Then self-publishing is the best option for you. This method allows you to have complete control over your book throughout its publishing process. Self-publishing allows you to publish your work independently on your own terms and conditions. Here are 10 steps through which you can successfully achieve your self-publishing goal.


The best works emerge not in books but inside the minds of talented writers. Before writing, think about what to write and how to write it. First, get inspired. Brainstorm ideas for your plot. Create characters that are capable of keeping the readers hooked. Visualize the theme, plot, characters, and scenes. This will help you make sure whether or not to proceed with your story. This process also includes research. Researching your topic helps you to get a wider idea about it. A very common mistake committed by amateur writers is skipping the thought process. Even if it's fiction, you might come across information that could help your story seem more real and interesting. So, first, think about it.


Thinking might be the first step, but the main step is you actually writing it. Now you have to convert all your ideas and thoughts into a written form. Use all your formerly gathered research and ideas to convert it in writing form. While writing, there are many important things to keep in check like plagiarism, grammatical errors, etc. It would be ideal to create your story using Freytag’s pyramid of dramatic structure. It is a seven-step procedure to successfully write a story, especially if you are planning to commercialize your books. Do not rush it, take your time while writing. The quality of your words counts just as much as your story or your topic.


Editing is a very necessary process if you want your manuscript to be error-free. It helps to ensure the clarity of your work. Most people hire an editor for their work to seem more professional. They will help you rectify the errors more efficiently. In traditional publishing, manuscripts are rejected mainly because of the poor quality of work. They won’t agree to publish the work if they feel that it is out of scope and irrelevant. So, make sure that your work is relevant and clear when you are self-publishing your work for it to be a success.


Don’t you want to make your book more interesting and noticeable to the buyers? Yes? Then you need a terrific book cover. A major reason why some books don’t sell well is because of the amateur style of the book covers. Design your book covers to be captivating. Try not to cheap out on your book cover design as it is the first thing that the reader notices about your book. Make sure to express the idea of your book in the book cover for the buyers to know what to expect out of your book. After all, a book cover is the face of the book, go all out on it.


For your book to be successful, the readers should be provided with a small description of your story. This will make the readers figure out whether your book is worth buying or not. Create an exciting book description.


While self-publishing a book, creating a good-looking website is one of the best ways to attract your readers. It is ideal to create a website for your books. You can add the details about your book description on your website and this will make you seem more established and professional. An attractive website can be a winner for your book.


There are various options to consider while publishing your book independently. You can approach any publisher for your book. Many online platforms offer publishing books like Amazon kindle direct publishing. Before publishing, you must purchase an ISBN. It provides information about your book to the booksellers, readers, etc. Be sure about the credibility and the authenticity of your publishers before approaching them. Even though traditional publishing is the cheaper option, you avail 50 to 70 of the profits your book makes if you self-publish. Now that is the better reward for your efforts don’t you agree?


You need to make your book available to your readers. For that, you need to approach a book distributor to distribute your book. You can either opt for online mainstream distributors like Amazon to distribute in both print and digital formats or approach other distributing companies to distribute your book.


Don’t you wish your book to be successful? Don’t you want the readers to find out about your book? that is where marketing comes into action. You have to effectively promote your books using marketing strategies. The scope of online marketing is massive in 2020. You can promote your work through social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Give a sneak peek of your story on your website. The idea is to anticipate the readers and to keep them interested. Effective marketing can be your winning point.


To establish a good writing career, you need to get in touch with writer communities. There you would find various talented writers and literary critics who will give you feedback on your work and this will help you gain new perspectives. Feedbacks are crucial for a new writer to thrive. Also joining such communities will keep you in touch with all the literary opportunities available that you can utilize.

You have to fall in love with your work first if you wish your readers to love it too. So, be sure that you are satisfied and happy with your work in the first place before planning to publish it. Self-publish your work to become an independent and established writer. Why wait for your work to be approved by editors when you can approve it yourself? Self-publishing lets you have complete control over your work. There is huge liberty in self-publishing, you don’t need to polish your writing according to someone else’s opinion and you can take your own time to succeed as a writer.

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