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Our Story

A Dream of Self Publishing

Established in 2020, FoxGales Publications is a publishing company serving the entire country. Our company is an imprint of Noverse Foundation.

With FoxGales Publication, writers who wish to become published through self-publishing are well within their reach to get their work published at the most affordable price.

FoxGales Publication has a reputation of trust and an impressive list of talented authors. Authors from around the world contribute to our work. Our books also include the works of many renowned personalities.

Our authors have a strong relationship with us, which is something we take great pride in. 

The aim of our company is to offer our authors all genres and languages possible and help them reach the greatest number of readers.

Besides handling all your publication needs such as editing, design, distribution, and marketing, our team of experienced professionals helps you get a clear grasp of expectations, timelines, and budget.

We will be the tail of your shooting star, so stop searching and place your trust in us.

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