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How to Set Writing Goals

Writing is not just some work, it’s a process. You have to put effort both mentally and physically while you write. You think. You create. You write. That’s how the process usually works. This is a habit for some and a desire for others. No matter which category you belong to, setting goals in writing would make your work easier and systematic, making it clear for you to know exactly what to do and when. So, here are a few points to help you with your writing goals. Let’s dive into it.


Writing isn’t just taking a paper, finding something on the internet, and copying it down. It’s a creative process. Whenever you're writing something, make sure to mix it up a little bit with your creativity. Try to express your views and thoughts on that matter rather than writing about the common opinions. Write your mind. It’ll make you think, appreciate and look at things with a new perspective, and when it comes to writing, your perspective is your signature.


I know, I know. If you write every day then what if things get boring? What if you run out of ideas to write about? I'm not talking about writing a 1000-words essay every day. Just write something each day. If not every day, then a few times a week is good enough too. The point is you have to be consistent. Be it a thought, an idea, or about something you found strange or interesting, write it down. Make it 100 words or 50 words, it doesn't matter. What matters is that it forces you to think, see, and appreciate things. You’ll start to search for ideas every day, it becomes a habit and that’s how your creativity grows.


Do you know what’s the best way to start writing? A journal. You can find out more about yourself when you write a journal. This could actually be a wonderful habit to improve your writing skills and enhance your writing style. It’s therapeutic even. Record your day. It makes you think better and helps you improve your lifestyle. Now, that’s a good writing goal, is it not?


The modern world comes with a lot of platforms where you can showcase your talents. That’s exactly the case when it comes to writing. You can make your talent seen and appreciated. All you need to do is post it somewhere. Create a Facebook account, an Instagram account, or a blog for your write-ups. If your write-ups are inspiring, then you could be able to motivate others to write. This way you’ll be writing for a cause. Why not try if you have a skill capable of bringing even the slightest change possible. Yes, your works might be criticized. Having a positive attitude towards criticism is essential for us to progress in any form of art. Make your words seen. Let them see how talented you are.


Sitting there and thinking about writing won’t help you with your actual writing. Trying to write every day can be challenging and trying at times. You have to try really hard to overcome your laziness for you to write for real. Don’t worry, if you keep on going, eventually your practice will turn into a habit. Until then, you should try not to give up and keep on writing. Remember, procrastination is your worst enemy. You have to get past it to accomplish your writing goals.


A very important question. Before setting your goals, you have to ask yourself this question. Why do you write? Is it for pleasure? Is it passion? Or is it for work? Having a precise idea about why your writing will give you more clarity to set up your goals. For example, if your writing because it’s your passion, then you set your goals accordingly and improve your creative side. If it’s for work, then you can adjust your plans according to your needs. Just, make sure you know why you write.


Yes, that’s right. it’s not necessary to make writing all work and no fun. You should take some time off when you feel like it. If you have been working too hard, you have to take some time off to refresh your brain. Take a walk, go for a drive, treat yourself to some good food, do whatever you feel like doing. Now, that’s an interesting goal.

As they say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.”

Simply planning your goals won’t do you any good if you don’t put them into action. If you haven’t started, start today. This is an especially best time to write. Writing opens up doors that you didn’t even know exist. It opens up your third eye, which is creativity. So, put your skills into action and write away.

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