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Writing a book is definitely a tough job. It probably took you months, or even years to finish and publish your book. Now, it is time for you to get out there and promote it. You employed a huge amount of time and effort into creating your book. Let’s make all your hard work pay off. This is a ‘do whatever it takes’ sort of situation because self-publishing authors have to promote their work on their own. So, you have to compel a great number of audience to consider reading your book. To help you with that, here are a few ways how you can productively promote your self-published book. Let's buckle down..


If you wish for your readers to reach out to you then you have to reach out to them first. Spread the word about the book as much as you can. Let’s explore the option.

  • Social media- be active on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Post about your book. Let your readers know about its updates. There are various genuine accounts on social media that can help you with your book promotion. Reach out to them.

  • Website- create a website for your books. Share the link on your social media. This increases your credibility and more people will be interested in your book. Be sure to make your website look attractive. You can even show glimpses of the pages in your book. Convince them to read your book.

  • Blog- create a blog for your book. If you already have one, then write about your book in your blog.

  • Podcast- you can either collaborate with other podcasts or create one on your own to promote your book. let the readers hear about the book originally from its author.

Exploit all the available and suitable online platforms to spread the word about your book.


You heard me right. Attractive book cover makes for more interested readers. Design a terrific book cover for your book. There are two options for you to choose from while designing your book cover.

  • Hire a professional to design the cover- you have various options for this. Some sites provide customized professional book cover design services for you like 99 designs, Fiverr, etc. Fiverr is a site where you can get a really good book cover for just $5. There are many options in this, choose according to your needs and your budget.

  • You can design it on your own. Obvious right? I know. If you can design your own book cover then good for you. Make sure that your work looks professional. We can’t have amateur design covers. That will be a huge loss for your book.

Consider all the options, choose the right one, and have a good cover for your book. Good book cover, one step ahead in the promotion process.


You have to ask your readers for feedback. You can ask for their reviews in exchange for a free copy of your book. Try to collect emails, make a list, and notify them all about your books. Approach other experienced and established authors and ask for their feedback. The more you ask around, the more people will find out about your book and more exposure.


When I said before to do whatever it takes, I seriously meant it. You have to promote your book like crazy if you want your work to be a success. Let’s explore the other available options for your book promotion.

  • Kindle direct publishing- Amazon’s KDP provides a lot of options for self-publishing authors. They have a few book promotion options. Enroll your book on kindle, give a really good book description for your book, consider all the promotion options, and choose the best one for your book.

  • List your book on Goodreads and Bookhub- these are book websites with a really wide audience. List your book on these websites. It’ll help with your book sales. Be sure to make your book description interesting and unique. Also, these are not the only options. Various other sites provide you with a lot of advantages. Explore your choices.

  • Audiobook- create an audio version of your book. This will help with more exposure for your book.

  • Arrange for book readings- approach a lot of book stores and other potential centres and arrange for many book readings for your book. This provides you with an opportunity to connect with your readers directly.


Yes. We are serious about this. You can initially sell your book for free for some time. People love free stuff. They’ll consider reading your book if you sell it for free. Eventually, more people will know about your book and will be interested in your book. That would be your time to set a price. This is a good marketing technique used by many established authors to sell their first few books. The trick is to know your audience. Provide them with an offer they cannot deny.

Self-promoting a book can be a lot of work. But it comes with the liberty of promoting it yourself without being dependent on publishing firms for the promotion process. You have all the options right here. Choose the best suitable options for you according to your price limit. You have all the info that you require. Now, go ahead, promote your book, and successfully sell those first 1000 copies.

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