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Why Rishita - The Goddess of Faith is different and a sneak peek in the life of Aakarsh Goel

Rishita - The Goddess of Faith

The unsaid thoughts that can only be felt residing deep inside every woman. A poetry collection inspired by the real tales of women's life.

A book worth giving to your beloved ones, to the ones who need a lesson, the ones who need to be gifted and thanks and praised for their journey, ones who deserve this and feel pleasured to have a look over their life in just a quick moment.

Questions for Aakarsh Goel

Q. What motivated or inspired you to write this book?

A. The lives of women in our society. I have always been inspired from the women, they work selflessly without ever complaining.

Q. How was your journey till now as an author?

A. The journey has been very beautiful. There were ups and downs, but I never let myself down whenever I fell, I stood up again and strived further to achieve this little dream to be an author.

Q. What makes this book different from other books in the same genre?

A. This is not just your regular novel or just a collection of poetry but a very innovative idea for making this book, not just a regular book. In this book, the poetries are conveyed coming together to create a story through the journey of a woman's life in our society. This book will take you on a ride with feelings and drive you together through the story just like you are experiencing it.

Q. What else do you do except writing?

A. Apart from being an author, I am studying at the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. I am also pursuing my Bachelors in Business Administration.

I am also a motivational speaker, counsellor, and actor.

You can contact Aakarsh Goel at

Connect with Aakarsh Goel at @AakarshTheAuthor | Linktree

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