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How to Develop Characters to keep Your Readers HOOKED UP

Which is the element that drives your story? Which element does your story revolve around? Which is the element that helps you progress your story? Yes, the characters. The first step of creating a story is designing the plot and the next important task is crafting your characters. Only quality characters can help you develop a quality story. Do you wish to find out how to create characters to make your story interesting? Then, here are a few questions for you to ask yourself before and after you create your characters. Let's jump right in.


There are mainly five types of characters. Dynamic, static, round, stock, and symbolic characters. Dynamic characters are the changing character. They change along with the progression of the story. The round character is the main character of your story, which is usually the protagonist. Static characters are those that do not go through any significant changes throughout the story. And, finally, symbolic characters are those characters that represent a notion, an idea, an object, or a person. They are abstract and natural characters. For example- Animals could be a symbolic character in a story. You have to decide the types of your characters. It is essential to include all these character types to create a complete story, especially if it’s a novel you're writing.


The next question you should ask yourself is this, do you think that your characters are interesting. Are they capable of holding the interest of your readers? If yes, then wonderful. If no, then you have to work on your characters. The story is not the only important factor in a novel. You should have characters that are capable of carrying the story further. Create your characters in such a way that the readers would get curious to find out what they go through or do next. You should make the readers care about your character. That is your winning point and your biggest challenge. If you have a good story along with good characters, then you are good to go.


There are many kinds of characters in a story, like the protagonist, the antagonist, the love interest, relatives, etc. And, your aim should be to design each of your characters unique. The protagonist should have a specific set of traits that only he or she possesses. The same goes for the antagonist and other characters. the readers should be able to differentiate between your characters. Try not to create similar characters. Create each character unique, at the same time, make sure that your protagonist stands out.


Readers look for characters that they find believable. So, ask yourself these questions. Are your characters realistic? Can people effectively imagine them and insinuate them into reality? It is easier to get lost in a story when it seems real. Books and stories are an escape for some and delight for others. So, try your best to design your characters with a dash of realism. Also, do not try to make your protagonist or your other characters too perfect. Let them have their flaws and mistakes, it’ll make them seem real. But, don’t try too hard, blend your characters into the story rather than forcing them into it.


This is your next question. Every story has its progression. The question is whether your characters progress with the story. Change is a very necessary factor in any story. There has to be some change of pace or situation that forces or provokes the protagonist or the other characters to change. The real challenge is to make that change interesting for your readers. Search for that one element, a twist, or an idea that is capable of hitting the readers unexpectedly and making them hooked on your story. Readers enjoy the protagonist’s progression through the story. Develop that idea. Create characters that are capable of surprising your readers when they least expect it. Lead your character through the story.


Don’t you think creating characters that seem unnecessary can harm your story. Be very careful while you create new characters. You should not make up new characters just to fill the pages of your book. If you want the readers to read your book for real, then you have to create and develop relevant characters. Create characters that serve a purpose. Let them be in your story for a reason.


There are millions of books out there and they all possess different sets of characters with different features. Your goal is to make a difference. Ask yourself these questions, what makes your characters different from other stories? Are your characters memorable? Will it keep its glory in the reader’s mind for a long time? Are your characters capable of leaving a good impression? Find your answers to these questions and rectify or change your characters accordingly. Just, keep in mind that your character should be able to stand out. They should be able to capture the minds and hearts of your readers. There lies both your challenge and your victory.

Your characters can either make or break your story. Keep them original. A good plot, memorable characters, and a heartfelt story is always a winner. Your characters are your imagination in action. A writer communicates with the readers through his/her characters. Create interesting and impactful characters. Let them speak for you.

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